JJ GEMINI is a pop artist, rapper, choreographer, actor, and rainbow wellness wizard using his talents to support a revolutionary path towards a global peace.

Before his debut as a pop rap artist, JJ has worked with many notable talents including viral drag sensation Sherry Vine on Here TV, transexual superstar Amanda Lepore, 80's pop and Broadway star Debbie Gibson, and more! With a unique Gemini identity that has been molded by his experiences in theater, film, TV, and new-age dance club culture, JJ now embodies his positive message through dynamic wellness content and performances. His most recent project is a soulful cover of the Cyndi Lauper hit, True Colors.

JJ released his Debut EP Femasculine in 2018 and his first album Geminus: Rainbow Sparkle Dance Of A Butterfly Moondream, i n 2019.

A passion for health and fitness led  JJ to brand 7 Wizardly Ways of Wellness, a system of principles that improve quality of life through empowerment and healing.


His backround in yoga and dance and a mind body spirit practice called EDGU accumulated to brand his own exercise sequence: GEMERCISE.

JJ uses his music to back his choreography, 7WWW, GEMERCISE sequence, and Blog content sharing the rainbow journey. You are loved!



 Specializing in promoting personal & global wellness through conscious creative media, performances, and events.



Using the 7 Wizardly Ways of Wellness, Gemercises, and Superfood nutrition to share the Geminized diet, fitness, and holistic lifestyle.



We are dedicated to Empower & Uplift our community with superfood product, supplements,  and affirmations that support your protocol, energize the journey, and build community.

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