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Spiritual Pop Wellness ARtist


With a holistic and all-inclusive ambiance, JJ explores individuality, collective experiences, multi-verse world views, psychedelic consciousness, and the unity of all people coming together across the world. The music of JJ Gemini fuses pop, rap, and house with fun rhythmic flare.  JJ’s artistic mission is to support the common goodness of humanity, and our responsibility to expand this goodness.

the gem in i sees the gem in you and the gem in us




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Who is JJ Gemini?

JJ GEMINI is a wellness pop artist using his talents as a rapper, singer choreographer, and holistic healer to forge a revolutionary path towards a global community based on equality and lifting each other up. His unique bi-sexual Gemini identity has been molded by his experiences in new-age consciousness and dance club culture.


JJ was born in the modest city and rural landscape of Oregon before moving to New York City in pursuit of the arts. There, he worked on TV, film, and Off-Broadway alongside many notable talents including viral drag sensation Sherry Vine on Here TV alongside Bianca Del Rio and Peppermint, transexual superstar Amanda Lepore, cultural icon David Lachapelle, 80's pop teen queen Debbie Gibson, director Gus Van Sant and more! 


JJ now resides in Los Angeles where he embodies his positive message for the world through dynamic content and performance.


He released his Debut EP Femasculine in 2018 and his first album Geminus: Rainbow Sparkle Dance Of A Butterfly Moondream, in 2019. His most recent project is a soulful cover of the Cyndi Lauper hit, True Colors. JJ has also recently unveiled his branded work in holistic arts through his new GEMINI CLUBHOUSE featuring diet, fitness, and lifestyle empowerment with his Superfood StoreGemercise: Dance Yoga experience, EDGU, and 7 Wizardly Ways of Wellness .

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